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One of the questions that we got after the last GLGA meeting was about directly sharing the Gospel and if/how we could start to do that in our schools. Well, we found a group of churches in New Castle Indiana and now in Richmond that have done just that and their program is called D.I.V.E. at School. They have been asked to start programs in EVERY public school in the city and now are being asked to come into the county schools. D.I.V.E. stands for ​Discovering Important Values for Eternity… And it is a 5 year curriculum that a team from churches work together and go in right after school for 1 hour and share THE GOSPEL for 18 weeks.

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We know that there have been quite a few changes over the past few months at GLGA and there will most likely be more to come but we were wondering if you could give us some feedback so far.

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